QuickStats Web Log Analyzer

QuickStats Web Log Analyzer will be released in 2018. It will rival far more expensive software in terms of features and flexibility, but will come with a price-tags of under $50, available as shareware.

It will support web logs imported from either Apache or Microsoft IIS, the two most common web servers on the market.

It will load raw log-data into its own database. Using the database, a high number of pre-defined analysis will be available, for view, print or even export to Excel or PDF. Sticking to the database format comes with another advantage: It will let users do their own analysis, with or without features provided in QuickStats Web.

QuickStats Web will provide a great deal of configuration and customisation capabilities. Referrers can be grouped, and cost-estimates based on fixed or click-through rates can be extracted. Unwanted web traffic, like that caused by spiders or spammers, can be filtered out. And log formats can be customized.

If you would like to be notified when the free, no-obligation trial-version is available for download, please click here to leave us a note.

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