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Let us Introduce PhotoJudge to you!

PhotoJudge is an application that provides a complete web-based solution to manage photo competitions. Although designed with the typical Camera Club in mind, it uses a universal approach that allows any organisation to launch and manage a web-based image competition. PhotoJudge comes with the following features:

  • Registered and/or non-registered members may submit images.
  • Competition managers and administrators can create and edit competitions, set deadlines and assign judges.
  • Club administrators can load their members' details from an Excel csv-file into the PhotoJudge database, in a few simple steps. Once this is done, members can log on, set and change their passwords, and submit images.
  • Judges assigned to judge a particular competition can do their judging online, once the submission process is complete and the competition is ready for judging. Judges may give marks, club-specific awards and also comment on each image.
  • Once a competition has been judged completely, the results can be viewed online, in several possible orders.
  • Besides submitting images for a competition, members may also load images into their own photo-gallery. A gallery contains submitted and non-submitted images and can be viewed by other registered members, which may like or unlike an image and leave a comment behind.

PhotoJudge is a low-cost alternative and is completely free of 3rd party advertising. It was written in PHP and mySQL (both are Open Source) which helps to keep costs low for enhancements or club-specific customisations. PHP is server-based, secure and used in about 25 million domains.

PhotoJudge can be hosted either at the Camera Club's own website or at the vendor's in its own domain or in a subdomain (eg: yourclub.famtech.ca). In both cases, members, administrators and judges can sign-on over the web to submit images, judge them, create new competitions and galleries and keep the Camera Club alive and active. For hosting at the club's or organisation's website, a one-time fee applies. For hosting with the vendor, the provider's hosting fees will be passed on plus a modest hosting and application-maintenance fees will be charged annually. Support agreements are available in both cases.

For further information or questions, please contact the vendor at info@famtech.ca or by phone at 416-801-3136.